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Bending RG-100

  • RG100
  • Japan
  • Knee bend formation
  • 3 meter span thickness 5mm
  • 3
  • in 2010
  • Numerical control knee bend computer
More than 40 years have passed since th first RG was released. The RG series, which has become a best-selling benging machine in both name and in substance by achieving result where the number of units delivered worldwide has exceeded 70,000 units, has finally been upgraded on a grand scale with the RG-M2 series. Equipped with a high-performance NC unit by which the movement of the machine can be controlled automatically with a simple input operation along with a dramatic increase in machine speed. By registration of large amounts of data and utilization of that registered data, processing know-how is converted to numerical values and standardized so that it can be accumulated as information resources.

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