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CNC shearing 625010

  • 625010
  • Accurpress
  • Canada
  • Shearing
  • Thickness 6.35mm, length 3050mm
  • 1
  • in 2010
  • CNC shearing machine
1. unique hydraulic machinery rocker-arm drive system: This design is the accurpress numerical control plate cutter's unique merit, both provides the intensity, dynamics and the rigidity which the cutting system needs, and is advantageous for the bit gap adjustment.
2. overweight quantity rack construction: With the work table welds completely in the together box shape rack, has the high anti-torque rigidity, is balanced torque load which produces by the shearing force. The bit gap holds a constant in entire cutting cyclic process.
3. highest cutting rated powers: the accurshear numerical control plate cutter according to δb=560kn/mm2 the design, may cut the nominal thickness the 16mn material.
4. high accuracy bearings and guide rail: High grade, exempts safeguarding and the non-oil self lubrication guide rail and the bearing, does not need to maintain.
5. lowest fixed angles of shear: The angle of shear is the fixed angle. In cuts in the process the angle of shear to be smaller, the sheet has curving and the distortion distorts is smaller.
6. highest cutting number of times: Matches the high speed hydraulic system, the cycle time adds 30%.
7. high quality shear blades: The life is long, the mill knife number of times are few.
8. North America hydraulic system part: The vacuum pulp screen filtration and the ultra precise electronic filter double filtration system, the system unit has the over-load protection function.
9. oil cooling systems: Guarantees the ideal operating temperature.
10. numerical control systems: accur backgauge the control system, checks x axis. Pointing accuracy +/-0.01mm, the display precision is 0.01mm.
11. hydraulic pressure brake type numerical control plate cutter, high and low knife each four sides cutting edge: The cutting pressure and presses the foot pressure automatic control.
12. rear bumper material positioning system: Stroke 36 " (915mm); 48 " (1219).


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