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How to prevent the hardware ramming job the damage?

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How to prevent the hardware Ramming processing Damage?
1) selects the hardware fitting's model, the specification and the function should conform to the national present standard and related delimits, and with selects models the steel windows and doors to match.
2) installs the hardware with the holding screw, essential in supposes the metal backing, backing thickness should be bigger than two times at least which the fastener pitches. Do not fasten on the plastic molding, also do not use the nonmetallic inside lining.
after 3) hardware pressing part installment, must pay attention the maintenance, prevents to rust the corrosion.
4) the hardware fitting gold should finally install, the windows and doors lock, the handle and so on should after the window door leaf enters the box assembles again, guarantees the position to be accurate, the switch is nimble.
5) surpasses 1 meter on rollers window to the width, either the installment double glazing's windows and doors, set the sister block suitably, either selects the move pulley.
6) supports the hinge not to slippery use the aluminum alloy material, should use the stainless steel material.
When daily use wants light Guan Qingkai, prevents hard Guan Yingkai, creates the damage. Without the noise, had the present nylon wheel. Not only it on rollers does not have the noise, moreover is smoother, lithe, the service life is not shorter than above each kind of pulley. Must make (gate) the window to be normal. The steady run, needs to give (gate) the window to choose a high quality the pulley. Hardware Ramming processing The inferior pulley superficially, works is quite rough, not smooth, skids is not nimble, is small and is light.


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