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Laser Cutting TruLaser 3060 (4000W)

  • TruLaser3060 (4000W)
  • Germany
  • Laser Cutting
  • 2mx6m, Max thickness: Steel 20mm, stainless steel 14mm, aluminum 12mm
  • 1
  • in 2014
  • Laser cutter
  • Cutting oversize-format sheets up to 6 x 2 m

  • Automatic multi-sheet processing even with different materials and sheet thicknesses

  • Sheet thicknesses up to 25 mm can be cut

  • Optimized cutting even with low-quality material with the AdjustLine function

  • Extended material range: cutting copper and brass with TRUMPF cutting data

  • Unproblematic machining of film-covered sheets without prior evaporation

  • Long, low-manpower machining times thanks to multi-sheet processing

  • Minimal downtimes thanks to single cutting head strategy with collision protection and automatic nozzle changer

  • High machine dynamics with direct drives

  • Productivity advantage in thin sheets thanks to TruDisk solid-state laser

  • Fast and efficient post-production and economic use of remainder sheets thanks to Drop&Cut function

  • High throughput and high process reliability with intelligent functions

  • Keep an eye on the cutting ability and increase machine availability with the Condition Guide option


  ·The integrated type tray swap installment completes the thin steel plate switch fast take the second as the unit
  ·The durable engine bed structure and the poverty working process, has provided the guarantee for the fast safety's processing process
  ·Puts aside the processing residual and the small components rapidly through the longitudinal conveyer belt, reduces the processing non-cutting time largely
  ·Modular automated system module
  ·Provides the different performance in view of each kind of working range the laser
  ·May use the RotoLas supplement module to implement the tubing processing
  ·The stable engine bed structure guarantees the precise cutting outline
 Working space  
  •  X axis
 6000 mm
  •  Y axis
 2000 mm
  •  Z axis
 115 mm
 Uses under the TruFlow 3200 engine beds
 Biggest stock thickness
  •  Structural steel
 20 mm
  •  Stainless steel
 12 mm
  •  Aluminum material
 8 mm
 Uses under the TruFlow 4000 engine beds
 Biggest stock thickness
  •  Structural steel
 20 mm
  •  Stainless steel
 15 mm
  •  Aluminum material
 10 mm
 Maximum synchronized axial velocity  85 m/min
 Engine bed size  
  •  Length
 16100 mm
  •  Width
 5200 mm
  •  Altitude
 2000 mm
 Weight  21500 kg
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