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Modern numerical control technology in plate work processing application

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       The plate work processing also need more high-tech workers carry on the operation, the good device adds on the outstanding staff to be able to make the good product, enables in the world to have more outstanding Chinese manufacture product. Because the numerically-controlled machine tool has strongly to the work piece modification compatibility, the working accuracy characteristics and so on high, the progressive rate of output, therefore obtained the promoted application in various domains. With micro electron and computer technology day by day mature, promoted our country numerical control technology development, the domestically produced numerical control system to follow to develop successfully, enabled our country numerically-controlled machine tool in the quality, the function to obtain the safeguard. Numerically-controlled machine tool since 1952 has succeeded the development in US to experience five development phases successively.
      “along with plate work machinery in astronautics, railway communication, environmental protection device, air conditioning electric appliance, tobacco machinery, packing printing, engineering machinery, textile machinery and so on very many profession broad applications.” The numerical control plate cutter is by the numerical control installment, the server, measures the installment and the engine bed is composed.
The numerical control technology obtained the broad application on the plate work engine bed, it has solved the components precision which in the plate work processing exists high, the contour complex, the batch big and so on questions. Before the engine bed, the localization has two servo electrical machinery, usually a main electrical machinery works alone, working range 2-500mm, if the processing hypoteneuse vice-electrical machinery work, the numerical control system gives two different instructions to form the hypoteneuse. They progressed greatly in the producing application the plate work working capacity, have enabled the sheet metal in the quality, the output to obtain the guarantee, simultaneously also big reduced worker's labor intensity. The server is composed of three servo electricity thought and the servo drive. The latter localization has a servo electrical machinery, mainly processes the big pan's product, working range 150~4000mm. If Shanghai produces the QC12K series numerical control plate cutter to provide Swiss CYBELEC the DNC60 series to be possible to store up 36 sequence, the internal storage memory measures 100 sequence. Numerical control plate work engine bed including numerical control plate cutter, numerical control laser cutter, numerical control punch press, numerical control plate bending rolls, welding apparatus, flame cutter and so on.
Cut the board yummy treats in the plate work processing process is the first working procedure, the yummy treats order of accuracy immediate influence following working procedure processing quality, the numerical control plate cutter's application has guaranteed the yummy treats size and the yummy treats diagonal line labor difference.

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