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The ramming processing mold exists three major problems

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      The ramming processing is one of mass components formation production practical crafts. Only then processes these key position point accurately. Affects to the product delivery cycle. The ramming processing production can carry on smoothly, immediate influence to production efficiency and cost. In the ramming processing production process, the question which the mold causes are most, it is in the entire ramming element of production the most important factor. The mold question mainly concentrates in the mold damage, the product quality flaw and mold's sharpening aspect, they are puzzling the profession production for a long time.
      The mold breakdown is the question which in the ramming production is easiest to appear, creates the production suspension frequently, affects the product manufacturing cycle. Therefore, must find the mold breakdown reason as soon as possible, reasonable service.
1 mold damage
      The mold damage is refers to the mold dehiscence, breaks off, rises and so on, deals with the mold damage issue, must from mold's design, the fabrication technology and the mold use aspect searches the reason. If causes the foreign matter to enter the mold, the workpiece overlaps, situation not stitches in time and so on waste obstruction, inherits the processing production, very easily damages the mold to fall the yard lumber, the drift, under the template and the guide pillar. The spring strength design is too small or the contour wrap not contour, will cause the spring break, to fall the yard lumber incline. Creates overlap flushes makes, damage components. If mold's quenching crossed warm high, the quenching method and the time are not just, as well as between the tempering number of times and the temperature, the elbow select improper, after can cause the mold to enter the ramming production, damages. Drift fixed improper or screw undercapacity. Will cause the drift to fall or to break off. The operational height has adjusted lowly, the guide pillar lubrication insufficiency. Usually, the mold material's heat treatment craft is very big to its influence. Falls the material hole size or the depth design is insufficient, causes the slot obstruction easily, creates falls the yard lumber damage. When the mold uses, installment errors or the bolt fastening and so on components position, direction are not good.
2 card molds
       Causes the card mold's primary cause to include: Mold guidance not correct, incline. Otherwise, will expand the breakdown, will cause the mold damage. Creates the mold to distort, for example the die bed, template's degree of hardness, thickness design are too small, receives the external force hit distortion easily; The mold position installment does not permit, on stamping die's position error ultra difference. By now should progress the drift intensity, the enhancement unloads the yard lumber the bootstrap safeguarding.
 Or press's precision is too bad, causes the mold to have the interference; The drift undercapacity, the size drift position is too near, causes mold's side force not to be balanced. Ramming In process, once the mold matched molds is not flexible, even the deactivation, on essential stops immediately produces, discovers the card mold reason, the trouble clearing.
3 mold damages and service
      Ramming production's mold using is high. Usually the mold expense occupies the workpiece total qualification 1/5-1/4. The disposable repair with surpasses dies the original construction cost 70%, or the die life has been near. When the mold service technology is too complex, repairs the mold with to be too big, the difficulty causes the maintenance cycle to be excessively long greatly surely, affects the ramming sternly normal producing, should select fails ahead of time the abandonment, makes the mold. Generally speaking.
After mold damage, but also some service and abandonment selection topic. But. Therefore, services the mold promptly, prevents the mold damage, may reduce the ramming production greatly the mold expense. When mold's key position stern damage, is sometimes raised, the lower die also damages. This is because, except die making difficulty big, cost high outside. Ramming mold's nonnatural wear-out failure, for example non-key position components destruction.
   In the normal condition, the ramming processing's mold main failure mode is the excessive attrition. Anew die making delivery use. Until stamps out components burr exceeding the allowed figure, the components size and the shape position precision ultra difference, but the mold cannot repair or the basic non-repair value again, then the mold can only discard. Anew the mold is operational to the failure abandonment.


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