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  • Modern numerical control technology in plate work processing application

    The plate work processing also need more high-tech workers carry on the operation, the good device adds on the outstanding staff to be able to make the good product, enables in the world to have more outstanding Chinese manufacture product. Because the numerically-controlled machine tool has strongly to the work piece modification compatibility, the working accuracy characteristics and so on high, the progressive rate of output, therefore obtained the promoted application in various domains.

  • The ramming processing mold exists three major problems

    The ramming processing is one of mass components formation production practical crafts. Only then processes these key position point accurately. Affects to the product delivery cycle. The ramming processing production can carry on smoothly, immediate influence to production efficiency and cost. In the ramming processing production process, the question which the mold causes are most, it is in the entire ramming element of production the most important factor. The mold question mainly concentrates in the mold damage, the product quality flaw and mold's sharpening aspect, they are puzzling the profession production for a long time.

  • How to prevent the hardware ramming job the damage?

    1) selects the hardware fitting's model, the specification and the function should conform to the national present standard and related delimits, and with selects models the steel windows and doors to match. 2) installs the hardware with the holding screw, essential in supposes the metal backing, backing thickness should be bigger than two times at least which the fastener pitches. Do not fasten on the plastic molding, also do not use the nonmetallic inside lining.


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